Here are some quick tips on the frequently asked questions about the program

What is Generation.Africa

Generation.Africa” is theme created by DotConnectAfrica to empower the youth to adapt the powers of the internet and its uses.

The group “”, is young multifaceted individuals in Africa and the diaspora who believe in what DotConnectAfrica is doing to give Africa a digital identity on the web and move the continent forward. It represents a youth focused program launched by DCA to empower a new generation of Internet users in Africa using its theme.


What is STEM?

The acronym STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Why was Generation.Africa created?

The “Generation.Africa” digital program is envisioned and intended to target different youth audiences and encourage them to be involved in discussions that define and increase their common stake-holding in the development and evolution of the Internet and how this affects them..

What are Generation.Africa’s objectives?

This program is intended to be the leading initiative that provides internet literacy programs to the youths in Africa. To educate and subsequently increase the number of Africans who are present on the web space.

Who will participate in the program?

Generation.Africa is for youths and early internet tech adopters

From which countries will the selected Generation.Africa participants come?