Start-Up Success San Francisco Web 2.0 meets “Yes2dotAfrica”

Aug. 24, 2011The Startup Success Podcast Bob and Pat, who frequently cover start-ups at Web 2.0, talk with Sophia Bekele, Executive Director of DotConnectAfrica, an initiative to add .africa as a top level domain of the Internet.

“This is no mere technical discussion”, said Bob – “The stakes are high in this Internet land rush: who will control .africa and what will this mean for the continent’s .. ¬†Sophia gives us a rundown on why there should be a .africa, why .africa could become a powerhouse and funding source for African startups, and who are the players in the rarified politics of global Internet decision making”

In brief, Sophia responded to questions and discussed the following:- Helping the cause of a new industry, to say “Yes2newgTLDs” for ICANN and not only” Yes2dotAfrica”
– What is meant by controversial strings?
– Creating billion dollar industry to build a new market economy based on competition
– What does .africa mean for the US, why should we say Yes2dotAfrica?
– What happens to the money from .africa?
– Next software technologies in Africa
– being that glue to .africa
РFinally telling US audience to connect with Africa via PanAfrican Social Media Infrastructure that DCA has built re:afrca, .afrique, and .afriqya,  to act as a gateway to news on Africa