Miss.Africa events are primarily to give the ladies an opportunity to show case their knowledge in technology, learn more about technology and also be rewarded for outstanding participation during the program.

Miss.Africa Gala

The gala is held once a year to reward the most outstanding ladies during the year, those with the most innovative ideas and those who have helped the society the most during the outreach initiative; and the holder of the most prestigious tittle of the day, Miss.Africa.

The holder of the Miss.Africa title becomes the ‘Face of Miss.Africa’ and gets the opportunity to lead some of Miss.Africa projects with many more other responsibilities and travel.

Internet Related Forums

Miss.Africa program is looking into enabling the ladies to participate in ICANN and IGF forums so that they can share their ideas on the topics of discussion. This will also translate to an increase in the number of African women participating in international internet related forums.

Workshops and Conferences

Part of the program includes partnering with different companies and organizations who will give technology based workshops to the ladies and also to the public. These will be listed below as they occur.

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