• (Photo credit: DCA Trust) Generation.africa spoke at Tandaa Symposium

Global Media Coverage

Generation.Africa understands the importance of accurate, up-to-date information and invites journalists to make use of the range of multi-media resources we have made available.

  1. DotConnectAfrica Attends Transform Africa 2013 Summit in Rwanda CircleID
  2. Rwanda: DotConnectAfrica Trust raises over a million USD for its commitment to transform Africa DomainingAfrica
  3. DCA Partners with Safaricom and Fincom to set up DotAfrica Registry in Kenya, TechMtaa
  4. Kenya is to set to house the DotAfrica (.africa) Domain, CIO East Africa
  5. Startup Success Podcast: Show #111: Sophia Bekele, DotConnectAfrica –Startup Success
  6. UK Media Covered the work of DCA and .africa — Upper Reach
  7. Nation TV Speaks with Sophia Bekele on uniting Africa’s Internet presence – NationMedia
  8. Kass Media Broadcasts the Yes2DotAfrica Campaign — Kass Media
  9. Africa ready for new internet address regime – The East Africa
  10. Towards a Digital Africa – Diplomat East Africa
  11. Can “Africa” get a make-over? – The Economist
  12. DotAfrica campaign to brand continent – Biz Community, East Africa
  13. DotConnectAfrica Launched Official Africa Campaign – FKA News
  14. Is .EAC Domain needed? — Uganda
  15. Ugandans can expect to pay lower fees to acquire website identities –BalancingAct
  16. Africa domain attracts interest – ComputerWorld, USA
  17. Getting On-line is a must for Businesses – CIO East Africa
  18. AITEC Conference Plans Talks On .africa Domain Space Initiative – Guardian, Nigeria
  19. Search on for Africa domain – Daily Nation, Nairobi
  20. Uniting Africa through IT – Daily Nation, Nairobi
  21. Achieving : Connecting Africa to the World Web – East African Standard
  22. A dotafrica generation soon to be born – Radio Netherlands
  23. Announcing the birth of the dotafrica generation – The East African
  24. African Union endorses the domain name “.Africa” to DotConnectAfrica – All Africa
  25. A .africa Internet domain name will connect all Africa – NewTimes, Rwanda
  26. Sub Saharan Africa News – Sub Saharan Informer
  27. A domain name “.Africa” to position the continent on the Web Industry – All Africa
  28. Ms Bekele on her work to promote Internet connectivity in Africa and emerging economies at GGU
  29. Africa may soon get its own Internet Domain — Techcentral, South Africa

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