• (Photo credit: DCA Trust) Generation.africa spoke at Tandaa Symposium


Become a Gegeration.African

Would you like to be called a Generation.African in your country? Then sign up at the bottom of this page.

Become a Volunteer

Being a volunteer will help in the growth and development of the organization and of Africa, in the long run; through the different volunteer opportunities available at Generation.Africa.

Members can volunteer on committees that focus on events, seminars, workshops, outreach, exhibits, technology, communications, career development, and more–you can help by organizing behind the scenes or you can assume a leadership post as a committee director.

The volunteers will be in a position to increase their networks and grow their leadership skills through the trainings that will be available for volunteers.

Become a Sponsor

Becoming a Generation.Africa will not only show that you organization supports youths in technology, but also give you an opportunity to make your brand visible and get access to a pool of talented youth.

You and/or your organization could sponsor by:

  • Provide funding for Generation.Africa’s events and programs.
  • Offering in-kind sponsorship of venues space, technology, equipment, learning material and career training
  • Serving as a speaker at Generation.Africa’s events.
  • Donating products and services for Generation.Africa’s events and programs.

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