The first Pan-African multi-lingual advocacy campaign

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139The Yes2dotAfrica is part of the Trust program of DotConnectAfrica’s (DCA) established in 2007, as an on-going effort to create awareness of the benefits of a dotAfrica gTLD internet domain name and do a public outreach.

Other Trust programs identified by DCA include, and driving the capacity of the African ccTLDs.

The Yes2dotafrica campaign is a multi-lingual advocacy campaign that was set up as part of the trust program of DotConnectAfrica’s (DCA) established in 2007 and has gained global recognition and been given credence as a platform for advocacy of the benefits of DotAfrica gTLD and technology transfer to Africa. As a result, the campaign has received a huge amount of positive feedback and global media coverage since its inception

DCA has been invited to share its knowledge and experiences at major Universities in the U.S , Heads of States forums in Africa , United Nations and other large economic forums in US and Europe and globally , including Web 2.0, TV & Radio programs, IGF and ICANN forums, allowing it to become a highly visible applicant and advocate for the African gTLD. DCA plans to continue to use the Yes2DotAfrica campaign to promote the DotAfrica domain.