Championship of Yes2dotAfrica campaign

Being the first African TLD to sponsor an ICANN Events Notably in Brussels in 2008 and in Dakar, Senegal in 2011.  Since, the Yes2dotAfrica campaign has mounted a global campaign that has also been featured in the media widely and also invited to the global forums and universities. This was a major advocacy avenue for the benefits of the campaign and how it would bring significant initiative to empower the Youth,and women to initiate ground breaking innovations and leadership roles to catalyze internet growth in Africa.

DCA through the Yes2dotAfrica campaign has been an active supporter of the ICANN new gTLD process, and is a global stakeholder in actively promoting and campaigning for the introduction of the new gTLDs and Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs). The “” thus is an established a theme, to empower the youth to adapt the powers of the internet and its use.

DCA has been recorded as Champion of .africa gTLD early on based not only its early endorsements in 2008 and 2009 obtained from the Pan African Continental bodies, but making early presentations on global platform at various UN Agencies including UNPAN, ITU and most importantly its initiations at ICANN in the African grouping initially, and then making its voice heard in various ICANN public forums, making the first Expression of Interest at ICANN for .africa gTLD and sending communications of support and awareness of the need for .africa gTLD to ICANN and US Department of Commerce similarly.