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Feedback From Stacy Edith Odhiambo on DCA Corporate Boot Camp

  1. How is your experience so far under DCA?
    My experience under DCA has been enriching.

  2. As a candidate for the DCA Corp Boot Camp, how did it enhance your perceptions of the involvement of women in Technology?DCA has positively impacted my view of women’s role in technology.

  3. What innovations and disciplines have you learned after joining DCA?

    I’ve learnt on various innovations in relation to machine learning, AI and most things in the tech field

  4. Give us a professional instance at DCA that remains a landmark in your career?
    A career landmark at DCA was learning how to write articles and getting to know new tools for video editing.

  5. Outline your take on the future of technology in Africa/Globally?
    The future of technology globally is promising.

  6. Any message to other women who would want to venture into digital Careers?
    To aspiring women: Embrace digital careers; you can excel!