DCA Digital Academy

DCA Digital Academy was established to provide training on various topics, all related to the Internet – from how to effectively use it, to its governance – so as to increase Internet literacy in Africa. This project, in conjunction with other DCA’s projects, is aimed at achieving the organization’s objective of advancing education in information technology to the African society.

The DCA Digital Academy provides the tools and skills to foster leadership, entrepreneurship and also connect youth and women to innovation highways, this way Africa can be part of the foundations of a developed technologically aware society.

The DCA Digital Academy training courses are modeled after similar international initiatives in Europe, the United States, and South America. The academy conducts training, both online and on the ground and this is to ensure that it has a wide coverage.

The DCA Digital Academy is open to all who are interested in the various training that the organization provides. The members get to be given the opportunity to nurture their skills and talents through continuous assessment and awarding of certificates.

The membership not only includes those who are going to be trained, but also those going to be facilitating the training.

We, at DCA Digital Academy, understand that, for us to offer the best training, we have to forge alliances. You and your organization can partner with us by sending us an email with ‘DCA Academy’ as the title to your mail to support@dotconnectafrica.com

We would like to acknowledge the support that has made the first phase of DCA Digital Academy successful and are grateful to all our sponsors and students.