Our People

The DotConnectAfrica Global Strategic Advisory Leadership Group more

DCA Digital Academy

DCA Digital Academy was established to provide training more


DCA DNS offers the best Domain Business tools that include more

DCA Initiatives

Miss.Africa, Generation.Africa, Yes2DotAfrica more

Miss.Africa Digital

Miss.africa digital program is a gender-focused initiative targeted mainly more


DotAfrica.TV is a New Media platform for all the African and global videos more


eCommerce brings Africa’s largest market place at the touch of a button more


Generation.Africa” is theme created by DotConnectAfrica to empower more

DotAfrica Mobile

DotAfrica.Mobi is a portal for all the African and global mobile enabled more

DCA WebForum

DCA Virtual meetings is a platform focusing on the latest developments, more

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Here in our archives 1, and archives 2, you will find published documents in the past. This includes our news letters, campaign letters, key communications, messages and other news items relevant to www.old.dotconnectafrica.org

Archives of our past press room are accessible at http://pressroom.prlog.org/dotconnectafrica/

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COVID-19 Information Kit!

COVID-19 is a respiratory disease with severe flu-like symptoms caused by a coronavirus that was first identified on December 31 in Wuhan, China. Here are some reliable sources of information to help you Stay Safe and keep informed on the latest developments during this COVID 19 Pandemic.