Vision and Objective


As an independent non-profit, DCA Trust intends to utilize surplus proceeds from the registry operation accruing to the Trust Fund for charitable projects. Funds will be regularly allocated to different corporate social responsibility programmes. Specific projects will be identified, and supported. As the first gTLD for Africa, it will aim at bridging the digital divide that exists between other regions of the Internet community and Africa by promoting the use of ICT for development. Therefore, DCA intends to focus on development projects that will aid the increased use and penetration of the Internet in Africa, including provision of low-cost⁄affordable computers, Internet bandwidth, and user training for disadvantaged groups, target local communities and focus groups in Africa.


DCA is to establish a full-service Internet registry which will be operated by DCA Registry Services Ltd. in accordance with the technical and operational criteria and other specifications stipulated by ICANN in the new gTLD Applicants’ Guidebook. The objective of setting up DCA Registry Services Limited is to run a viable business as a registry operator, providing approved and additional registry services with guaranteed business and registry continuity for its valued customers.

The surpluses from the registry operation will accrue to the DCA Trust Fund and used to finance and support various charitable projects for the benefit of different stakeholders. DCA main charitable objects are: (a) for the advancement of education in information technology to the African society; and (b) in connection with (a) to provide the African society with a continental Internet domain name to have access to Internet services for the people of Africa as a purpose beneficial to the public in general.


DCA Trust was established in 2009 and some of the initiative DCA has already taken successfully include the “” and”” programs.

“” is theme created by DotConnectAfrica to empower the youth to adapt the powers of the internet and its uses .

The group “”, is young multifaceted individuals in Africa and the diaspora who believe in what DotConnectAfrica is doing to give Africa a digital identity on the web and move the continent forward.


Inspired by ICANN’s DNS Women’s group of ICANN, stem DCA’s “” program which DCA had the very important opportunity of introducing and publicizing during the ICANN gala in Singapore. as part of DCA’s DotAfrica vision is an effort aimed at inspiring African girls and women in technology for personal growth, positive action, and digital self-awareness with funding to be provided from DCA’s charitable trust fund. is envisioned as one of the central pillars of DCA’s corporate social responsibility program.


DotAfrica and African ccTLD’s

African ccTLDs are at a great disadvantage and have stagnated for a very long period of time. DCA’s DotAfrica (.africa) initiative has strongly advocated for African ccTLDs and proposed to work with them based on a beneficial cross-marketing scheme that would help grow the base of user registrations and also improve the technologies and businesses of the African ccTLDs.


Yes2dotAfrica Awareness Campaign:

DCA’s Yes2Dotafrica campaign has gained recognition as a platform for advocacy of the benefits of DotAfrica gTLD and technology transfer. DCA has been invited to share its knowledge and experiences at major Universities in the U.S, Heads of States forums in Africa, United Nations and other large economic forums in US, Europe and globally, including Web 2.0, TV & Radio programs, IGF and ICANN forums, which allowed it to become the front runner for African gTLD. DCA will continue to use the Yes2DotAfrica campaign to promote the DotAfrica.