Our People

The DotConnectAfrica Global Strategic Advisory Leadership Group are comprised of technology analysts, visionaries more


DCA Registry offers the best Registry tools that include the EPP System that eliminates user problems more


DotAfrica.TV is a New Media platform for all the African and global videos and Interviews in relation to internet & technology more


Miss.africa digital program is a gender-focused initiative targeted mainly at female youth audiences in early technology adoption more

Yes2dotAfrica CAMPAIGN

The 'Yes2dotAfrica' Campaign is part of DCA's ongoing effort to create awareness of the benefits of a dotAfrica gTLD more


DotConnectAfrica Trust has anchored the dotAfrica Brand on 3 major principles; To brand Continent’s product more


DotAfrica.Mobi is a portal for all the African and global mobile enabled services and peripherals in relation to internet and tech more


Generation.Africa” is theme created by DotConnectAfrica to empower the youth to adapt the powers of the internet and its uses. more

FAQ DotAfrica gTLD

What is a top-level domain (TLD)? A “top-level” domain (TLD), is what comes after the last dot in a domain name more


DCA has received endorsments and support from UNEDCA, AUC, several Key African Governments and organizations more


Miss.Africa, Generation.Africa, Yes2DotAfrica Campaign and DCA Digital Academy are part of trust programs more

DCA Academy

DCA Digital Academy was established to provide training on various topics, all related to the Internet more

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Connecting the dots in Africa ...Bridging the Digital Divide ...