Exciting news! DCA dev team members were happy to attend the AWS Startup Loft social event in Nairobi, Kenya, on Monday, May 8th, at the Villa Rosa Kempinski Hotel, where they met with the AWS Startups team for Africa and other startup founders and discussed recent launches of AI and developer services.

“So much energy here in Kenya for startups and entrepreneurship,” said Mark Birch, an AWS representative who flew to Kenya from the United States, about the event. ‘’ I look forward to being back soon to meet more startups and visit more of this dynamic country.

’’The meeting disclosed that AWS has a dedicated team of technical experts whose role is to comprehend the unique business models of startups. They provide customized guidance to facilitate a smooth transition to AWS services. Currently, AWS only has an office in Nigeria within the African region, but they have local partners in Kenya to support training initiatives.

DCA Group is represented on the SF AWS Startup Founders team through its partner company, CBSegroup in San Francisco.

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