DotConnectAfrica TedBits:The Internet Governance Issue

  With the latest applicant record falling at 290 in the TAS , there is critical information that applicants needed to gather and from the New gTLD Program Update session here are just a few of the information that you… Continue Reading…


DotConnectAfrica reporting from the “Rich Coast”, San Jose Costa Rica

Delegates from all parts of the world have this month gathered in San Jose Costa Rica. The host country in Central America.Costa Rica, which means “Rich Coast”, which means “Rich Coast”, has an interesting history having constitutionally abolished its army… Continue Reading…



“Governments have a role in gTLDs but…”,Warns Sophia Bekele in March 2012

PRLog (Press Release) – Mar. 13, 2012 – DotConnectAfrica (DCA) is better positioned to manage the Dot Africa domain and they will put in a strong bid for the same.  CIO East Africa caught up with Sophia when in Kenya… Continue Reading…


Pride goeth before a fail: African Union and UniForum SA.should beware of Wrongdoing on dotAfrica

“Most of these press reports are quite misleading even as we understand the very impossibility of the African Union mainstreaming itself strategically within a particular proposal in a policy-oversight role whilst also playing the tactical role of a ‘self-endorsing’ entity… Continue Reading…

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