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CIO E. Africa Exclusive QnA with Sophia Bekele: .Africa gTLD redelegation possible if DotConnectAfrica wins case

By The CIO East Africa The dotAfrica (.Africa) gtld delegation has been faced by so much controversy for some time now. The ruling on the preliminary injunction in January 2017, allowed ICANN to go ahead to delegate the string to… Continue Reading…

2017 international women's day


Happy International Women’s Day from DotConnectAfrica!

Women are the engine that powers the society, think about any phenomenal revolutionary idea that has changed the world and you will find a woman right in there.”  – Sophia Bekele, Founder of Miss.Africa Carved towards promoting the involvement of… Continue Reading…


DotAfrica BlogNews

.Africa Update: ICANN promises to create new top-level domain despite ongoing court case

By Kieren McCarthy – The Register U.K. (The Register is a UK based highly influential and respected source of reliable news globally. www.theregister.co.uk) DCA News Alert Third time lucky: ICANN beats off .africa ban Internet overseer ICANN will push ahead with a… Continue Reading…

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