Meet two African Women-In -Tech in Data science/Analytics: Be inspired before you expire

Alexa Ighodaro from Nigeria is a Detail-oriented Data Analyst with proficiency in working with SQL, Excel, Tableau, Power BI, and Python. Passionate about analyzing and visualizing data to make informed business decisions. Alexa who has worked on data analysis projects says, “Some people believe data science/analytics to be a field that requires high coding abilities and society has trained us to believe the male gender mostly handles coding. There is a perception that data science is a manly profession as it involves statistics and coding.”

Ighodaro believes universities should be more open to detailing what technical tasks data analysis entails as this would encourage more women to participate. She also thinks that men should encourage women to get onboard in the field more. She believes more women should try to excel regardless of how “manly” the role is perceived just like she did. >>READ MORE

Meet Mrs. Adeniyi Temitope Odeyomi Bolaji the Founder of STEM Zone a subsidiary of ZionIT Company Limited where innovative minds are cultured. STEM Zone was founded in October 2019 out of the passion to make Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics education more practical and real than the theoretical aspects offered in most universities in Nigeria. STEM Zone offers internship opportunities and make STEM education fun for children.

The University of Osun graduate with a master’s degree in Physics holds a P. H. D at the Federal University of Technology, Akure, and is also the co-founder of TechBridge Consulting. Temitope is a highly determined and focused individual, passionate about emerging technologies, especially in the area of Artificial Intelligence and Machine.

She first had an experience with java during her internship at the University of Ibadan. She dived fully into the technology sector after her First Degree. She is a role model to the younger females coming up in the technology system. She’s breaking the bias against limitations on women in Nigeria’s Tech Sector. There are amazing women doing great in Nigeria’s Tech Ecosystem of which Mrs. Adeniyi Temitope is one.

We were privileged to have Mrs. Adeniyi Temitope Odeyomi Bolaji as part of our DCA webinar series dubbed, Breaking gender bias through technology: Young leaders’ perspective.

Get To >>WATCH MORE of the overview of the Webinar series.


A Leader We Admire

Anita Soina, 22, is a young Kenyan environmental advocate from the Maasai Community. She is also vying for the Kajiado North parliamentary seat under the GTAP Green Party. She is also the author of The Green War and the founder of the Spice Warriors a group that advocates for climate change in Kenya.

In 2018,Soina founded the Spice Warriors under the mentorship of Eric Mastsanza, an environmental initiative group in Nairobi that advocates for environmental sustainability in Kenya.
“I discovered my passion at 17, founded an organisation at 18 and wrote my first book at 20. I became a Ted-X speaker at 21, and attended COP 26 conference at 21”. >>READ MORE


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We continue to invite and welcome partners to join us as we work towards achieving gender equality and empowering young girls and women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics  (STEM) fields in Africa.

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