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1. African technology company hoping to power Space.

Mr Lun, who plans to power Space Mission and his Cape Town-based company Hypernova Space Technologies want to give these tumbling satellites a little more autonomy.

The company has developed an engine system that can move even the smallest satellites. The company hopes its technology can be applied to nanosatellite, which is a small satellite weighing less than 10 kg, and even the smallest of all of them

2. Liquid Intelligent Technologies joins hands with Africa Legal in an ed-tech partnership to drive professional growth in Africa through Liquid Labs

Leading pan-African technology group Liquid Intelligent Technologies, through its innovation and partnerships arm Liquid Labs, is launching three online courses on legal technology, targeted at supporting career development amongst students, budding entrepreneurs, and lawyers. This has been possible through a partnership with Africa Legal, an organisation that connects legal professionals across the African continent.

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