DCA’s Exclusive Commentary to the AfTLD PR following the Ghana Meeting

A Chameleonic exercise of shifting faces from a previously seeking an AU mandate to now of seeking an AU endorsement. The DotConnectAfrica Organization (‘DCA’) feels compelled to respond to the recent press release by AfTLD following their Ghana meeting because… Continue Reading…


Generation.africa hailed “Yes2dotAfrica” at DCA’s Headquarters in Mauritius

DCA’s Yes2dotAfrica Campaign continued and spent a week in Mauritius campaigning for the dotAfrica TLD,after a stop over in Nairobi, its East African base. The benefits to Mauritians including stakeholders government, private sector and various universities was explained. Bekele who… Continue Reading…


KASS International Media broadcasts “Yes2dotAfrica” campaign. “Pregnant with .africa”, said Sophia

In a Q & A with June Chepkemei, a seasoned Business Journalist at the studios of KASS FM Radio in Hurlingham Nairobi Kenya, Sophia discusses the immediate need to utilize the international undersea fiber optic cables, and what governments have… Continue Reading…



Njeri Rionge is CEO and Founder, Ignite Consulting & Investment Limited, and Director and Co-founder, Wananchi Online Limited (www.wananchi.com), a leading IP communications solutions provider. A highly successful senior executive with extensive local and international experience in strategic leadership and… Continue Reading…


ICANN 41-Singapore:19-24 June 2011

Singapore, a high-tech and wealthy island with over 60 surrounding islets along with The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) ,a statutory board of the Singapore government established on 1 December 1999 that aims to grow Singapore into a dynamic… Continue Reading…


UK Media Upper Reach, covers DotConnectAfrica in ICT Kenya!

On a Country report covered by Upper Reach, http://www.upper-reach.com/about, a media Partner to the prestigious The Times of London, DotConnectAfrica and its work on “.africa” was covered as one of the companies highlighting the importance of the internet in Africa… Continue Reading…


DotConnectAfrica’s Comments on IANA Functions

NTIA has published the comments it has received for Request for Comments on the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) Functions Docket # 110207099-1099-01 Comment link can be found here:http://www.ntia.doc.gov/comments/110207099-1099-01/ DotConnectAfrica has provided its comments to the same, as below: Dear… Continue Reading…


Africa’s Leadership say Efficient Private Sector Key to Transforming African Economy

The Vanguard newspaper from Lagos reported on a recent AU/UNECA conference with the theme – “Governing Development in Africa” in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It is noteworthy that the governance model of DCA is a consortium of public-private partnership and an… Continue Reading…


DotAfrica was at the Munich Conference on New Top-Level Domains 26-27 September

The Munich Conference on new Top Level Domain Names is to be held in September from 26-27 ,2011 in Munich Germany and is expected to provide a great platform for new Top-Level-Domain applicants to make use of excellent networking opportunities,… Continue Reading…


Sophia Bekele speaks on zemez as a Human Right at the Golden Gate University 24th March,2011

Golden Gate University(GGU) has invited Sophia Bekele to discuss the very timely topic of Freedom of Information as a Human Right, as she shares her own experience while present at the North African region of Tunis, Tripoli and Cairo during… Continue Reading…


Exclusive Commentary from DCA: AfTLD seeks mandate to manage .africa

Our attention has been drawn to a recent article in ComputerWorld Kenya (online) “Re: AfTLD seeks mandate to manage .africa” by staff writer Ms Rebecca Wanjiku on 21.03.2011 which Dot Connect Africa (DCA) is now compelled to address two statements… Continue Reading…


DotConnectAfrica Celebrates 100th Women’s Day with UN

DotConnectAfrica joined women from all over the world to mark the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day on March 8. “The agenda to secure gender equality and women’s rights is a global agenda, a challenge for every country, rich and… Continue Reading…


Nation TV speaks with Sophia Bekele on uniting Africa’s Internet presence and more

Nairobi, Kenya: Wallace Kantai, Business Editor of NTV, the premier media House of East Africa, who hosts the much followed midday business section PM Live Channel caught up with Sophia Bekele, Executive Director of DotConnectAfrica when she was in Nairobi… Continue Reading…


DotConnectAfrica seeks Expression of Interest (EOI) for “.africa” Registry

DotConnectAfrica (DCA) intends to participate in the new gTLD application issued by ICANN, As such DCA will be looking for a registry partner for technical and operational services for the planned .AFRICA Top Level Domain, that is consistent with the… Continue Reading…


.nxt Conference in San Francisco:9-10 February 2011

Inaugural .nxt Conference Reveals the Next Internet Revolution:and DCA will be there! dot-nxt, a new conference in downtown San Francisco, will bring the world’s internet experts together to foster and promote the next Internet revolution – the proliferation of new… Continue Reading…


“Brains behind .africa” reports Diplomat East Africa

Diplomat East Africa, a premium political and economic monthly news magazines of East Africa, unveils Bekele’s plan for a digital Africa, including the chronicle behind the endorsement process, the birth of “generation.africa“, and the benefits of the “dotafrica” project to… Continue Reading…



ICANN 39 Cartagena:5-10 December 2010

Cartagena de Indias is an open, legendary treasure that preserves the mysteries of past times in the Caribbean. Cartagena de Indias is the fifth largest city in Colombia and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Colombia:… Continue Reading…


“.africa” music & dance performance by DCA

DotConnectAfrica released the video of it’s exclusive “.africa” song and performance it hosted during the launch of ‘yes2dotafrica’ campaign in Nairobi, Kenya. The Dotafrica panel, which was part of the summit opening, attracted the largest gathering of internet experts and… Continue Reading…

african union internet generation


Thank You from DotConnectAfrica

Our Thanksgiving Message: “Friends, Colleagues, Endorsers, and Business Partners — Today, when “generation.africa” the generation that DotConnectAfrica has given birth to, sat down with our families to give thanks, we want you to know that we’ll be especially grateful for… Continue Reading…

Tandaa Symposium


Generation.africa spoke at Tandaa Symposium

Generation.africa, the next generation of “dotafricans” were among the speakers at the Tandaa Symposium, on October 28th 2010, providing a presentation expounding on the needs of having a top level domain catering to the African continent and the pan African… Continue Reading…

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