Njeri Rionge is CEO and Founder, Ignite Consulting & Investment Limited, and Director and Co-founder, Wananchi Online Limited (www.wananchi.com), a leading IP communications solutions provider.

A highly successful senior executive with extensive local and international experience in strategic leadership and organizational development, change management, ISO 9001:2000 business and quality systems for achieving results-based management systems, for conformity and compliance with a bias in sales, marketing, technological business solutions, and strategic finance. Proven ability to lead, influence, manage group dynamics, inspire, and mentor others to achieve outstanding bottom-line results for both employees and the organization. Successful in conceptualizing and implementing cost-effective business solutions as a co-founder of a leading IP communications service provider, Wananchi Online, and in directorship positions that she holds where one of the corporations that is community based benefited from her ability to engage and influence decisions in areas that were needed to position the corporation as an internationally recognized body of affluence. She is also engaged in strategic decision-making positions as a director and chairperson of several boards and board committees for a broad spectrum of industries. Today, she has incorporated a new consulting business in the area of professional and personal development through coaching and real life practical learning methodologies. The consulting firm offers a wide range of consulting services. See www.igniteconsulting.co.ke.

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