Nation TV speaks with Sophia Bekele on uniting Africa’s Internet presence and more

Nairobi, Kenya: Wallace Kantai, Business Editor of NTV, the premier media House of East Africa, who hosts the much followed midday business section PM Live Channel caught up with Sophia Bekele, Executive Director of DotConnectAfrica when she was in Nairobi for the .africa Campaign.

Bekele was invited to the studios of Nation TV and respond to questions on the current affairs on Africa, technology and the Campaign for.africa.

Bekele spoke on the need for .africa name, saying why it is key to put Africa on the global map, she highlighted the capacity of Africa finally owning a domain name for itself saying it promised a huge shift in all the facets that drive economy. She responded to the contribution of regional integration of Africa and issues of technology dumping by the west. “Africa will be take seriously now that we have our own fiber and broadband and content is being already built for low end phones to service the masses. This new technologies are bound to continue and dumping will be a passé”.

Bekele also responded on difficulties of doing business in Africa, including clarifying the issues of why Ethiopia was a late starter in technology and the current government policy over Telecom. She concluded that Africa still needs to work on good governance to speedup progress, which is a major hurdle to doing business and its long term impact on the general growth and development.

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