Digital transformation trends

  1. Block chain has been around for years and is already used in different industries outside finance industries. We can only expect more businesses to join. With this demand, we will see more influx of blockchain education as more businesses try to keep up.
  2. 5G
    More networks and devices are already moving to 5G to cater to the greater demand for faster connectivity, but 5G is more than just faster connectivity. 5G will change industries, not just mobile phones, because of its low latency. 5G is the game-changer in mobile and machine development.
  3. Digital banking
    2022 is the year for more:
    • Online payment channels.
    • Online loan applications and approvals.
    • Cashless payment transactions.
    • Online personal identification.
    • Faster and user-friendly online banking apps.
    Although we’ve seen these over the past two years because of the pandemic, this year, banks are bound to invest more in online banking solutions.
  4. AI and Automation almost always work hand in hand. More business solutions will be powered by AI for analytics, data protection, security and search algorithms. Businesses will become leaner this year as more work will be automated. This leads to a more efficient workforce. This is also why companies can afford to offer hybrid workplaces.
    Also, as the workforce becomes leaner, this will eventually drive some to self-employment.
  5. Data protection and security
    As of January 2021, there were 4.66 billion internet users worldwide. That number has even increased as of January 2022 to 4.95 billion internet users, according to DataReportal. That’s more than a 6% increase in just a year.
    More people online means higher demand for data protection and security. Online business owners should already have this set up in the first place, but this year, customers are more conscious about their data security.
    To make sure one’s business is secure. It is important to use password protection, reliable cloud-based software and payment channels that can be trusted.

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