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Greater Cloud and AI collaboration

AI has seen a stupendous rise in recent years with its advancements impacting all technologies in the world. And it will be the technology that industries would brace for in the future.

AI is at the forefront of scientific research and its progress also complements the growth of cloud computing. There are multiple ways in which AI integrates with the cloud and each method enhances the performance and efficiency of the cloud. Cloud computing solutions deploy AI methodology to manage large data repositories.

Cloud computing has been complimenting AI and has been enabling it to take control over the world. AI has been using the cloud as a medium to deliver its services over a large network of products from assistants to the Internet of Things(IoT)

Using these varied methodologies Cloud Computing provides large-scale infrastructures for high-performance computing that are dynamic and require quick adaptation to the application requirements.

Cloud and AI-related technologies are ruled by entirely different social and legal aspects including privacy and security. Yet the collaboration of AI and Cloud Computing holds a promising future.

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