Miss.Africa : Our Corporate Social Responsibility Program for Women and Girls…..


Miss.africa is part of DCA’s DotAfrica vision and is an effort aimed at inspiring girls and women in technology for personal growth, positive action, and digital self-awareness with funding to be provided from DCA’s charitable trust fund.  Miss.africa is envisioned as one of the central pillars of DCA’s corporate social responsibility program.

Miss.africa program was inspired by such programs as DNS Women’s group of ICANN and is aimed at introducing many young African women o the DNS Industry which is still very much a male domain on the continent. Our Miss.africa volunteers always learn about new gTLDs, the .africa initiative, internet governance and good online citizenship amongst other issues and go on to do outreach programs in universities and colleges to get students involved in the DNS industry and internet in general.

The program was first publicized during the ICANN 41 meeting in Singapore. To become a Miss.africa in your campus or city, please drop us an email to yes2dotafrica@old.dotconnectafrica.org and will get in touch with you and help you take off with the domain name industry in Africa!

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