A note of thank you for all the love and encouragement


Sophia Bekele

Dear Friends, Colleagues, Associates, Endorsers and Business Partners —

I wish to express utmost thankfulness to all those who sent kind wishes on my birth day anniversary on June 6, including our own ‘Yes2dotAfrica’ campaign and ‘‘,  the new Internet-empowered generation that DCA has given birth to.

We note with profound gladness, that the felicitous good wishes also stemmed from the support “Mama.Africa” has received since DCA introduced this initiative!  Therefore, we are especially grateful to all you folks!

Moreover, this moment coincided with the important plans and preparations DCA is making for the big ICANN meeting in Singapore that would take place in late June 2011. The ICANN meeting in Singapore would be the culmination of a multi-year long effort to finalize the ICANN Rule Book, after which the application round for the new Global Top Level Domains (gTLDs) would commence.

Given that the communications received from well wishers located all over the globe were echoed via online social media on Facebook, Twitter and  Skype messages, it all provided me the ideal opportunity to reflect on the compelling powers of the Internet, and enhanced everyday influence of Social Networking and Media on our lives.   No doubt, the Internet abounds with opportunities that must be harnessed to unleash a certain creative potential within Africa. This again underscores the concerted push and relentless efforts DCA expended on the campaign for Yes2DotAfrica and Generation.Africa!

Singapore is therefore expected to be a big and important outing for ICANN and its partners who have all worked very hard in the campaign for the new gTLDs.
DCA, as a committed supporter of the ICANN’s gTLD process, takes especial pride in its accomplishments in this regard, especially with respect to our successful independent campaign for the DotAfrica gTLD and feels uniquely privileged as a participant that would share in the upcoming momentous event.

Therefore, on behalf of all our supporters and endorsers, and based on their continuing support and unremitting goodwill, DCA hereby wishes to claim the “.africa” social media space by having registered and building a coherent Pan African Social Media Infrastructure covering all respecting names of .africa, .afrique and .afriqiya and providing content in the respective languages.  This would ensure everyone within the continent is amply represented as a stakeholder and given a voice in the DotAfrica name space and to comment on the vision that DCA has laid out for everyone.

We also have much more in the pipeline that would further define the African name and domain in the Internet mobile and media space.

We will continue to share with you via the “yes2dotAfrica” campaign our successes and trials and tribulations. Being able to overcome our vicissitudes helps in strengthening our commitment to this glorious cause that we all believe in.

Finally, I wish to reiterate here that everything DCA has accomplished within the past two years was possible only because of your willing support, and consistent encouragement and engagement.

We believe this is also recognition for our arduous efforts, and on its own, is a moral endorsement that would aid the reinforcement of our DotAfrica vision and mission. With this type of wholesome support we feel rejuvenated, more committed and undaunted in our mission even as we remain humbled by the great sense of responsibility we now feel towards all the stakeholders in DotAfrica.

So I wish to once again use this opportunity to give thanks to God Almighty and all of you for being part of this journey that has taken a road less traveled for being part of this great vision and mission.
Have a wonderful day, God bless you, and God bless our beloved Africa!

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