Rejoinder to TechCentral SouthAfrica ‘Bizarre twist in .africa tale’

To: The Editor-in-Chief,

Tech Central SouthAfrica



We thank you for your recent article (Re: ‘Bizarre twist in .africa tale’ located at Our estimation is that the story written by Mr. Craig Wilson and published on your web site is very unbalanced and absolutely lacks objectivity.

The writer has simply acknowledged that they were unable to reach DCA for comment; therefore, the story does not contain DCA’s comments and official opinion on the matter, andwe see the story as unbalanced and deliberately crafted to further the point of view of UniForum ZA Central Registry; with the intention, perhaps, of achieving a jingoistic objective.


We believe that some efforts should have been made on the part of your writer to contact DCA to ensure the interest of balance and objectivity. Many Internet news media and web sites contact DCA all the time seeking one form of clarification or the other whilst also asking DCA to present its own side of the story regarding the DotAfrica issue.

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