Welcome 2021: A year of Healing and Hope.

I hope your new year is off to a good start.

This new year, as we continue to hold the torch of hope aloft, we must think of ways to build our lives and those around us in an era post-pandemic.

2020 was a year of reflection and recalibration, of asking deep questions about what really matters. A year where we questioned the status quo and confronted the unforgettable. A year full of supersized, negative surprises, where we confronted the uncomfortable, but also raised pertinent issues. In 2021, we can use these issues that challenged us, as a platform to forge common grounds.

One profound lesson we are carrying into 2021 is that those who can adapt easily are often better off than those who can predict the most accurately. Factors outside our control significantly impacted our plans in 2020, forcing us to quickly propel ourselves forward, or get knocked off course. Indeed, having a digital-first mindset put us in a better position to pivot and rise to the challenges.

What’s exciting is that the appetite for IoTs has significantly grown from being viewed as a luxury to becoming a basic necessity.

In 2021, DCA’s main focus will be to help clients on their digital transformation journey through the various types of web related services we are offering, as we also roll out new products of our own.

We encourage you to click on the link below to view the various Internet-centered digital products and services we have on board.

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