DCA Commentary on AU Briefing Note on DotAfrica

The attention of DCA has been drawn to a document (“Briefing Note on DotAfrica by Dept. of Infrastructure and Energy – Information Society Division” dated May 20110).

DCA uses this opportunity to set the records straight and debunk some of their untruthful claims, whilst exposing their lack of proper knowledge regarding how the ICANN process works:

“It is clear that the extraordinary process instituted by the AU Commission more or less usurps ICANN’s bidding process at the international level and could be interpreted as an attempt to blacklist the rest of the competition to the extent that it (the self-endorsing AU) wants to apply directly to ICANN and also choose the registry operator. Whereas the open international competitive bidding process regarding the DotAfrica gTLD is owned by ICANN, it is obvious that the AU now intends to take-over the entire process as a sort of supranational telecommunications regulator and Internet governance body for Africa. Perhaps the African Union might as well own and operate Air Afrique and become a participant in the airline business sector as well, since ‘Afrique’ refers to a named geography like DotAfrica.”


The links to the respective documents are attached herewith

AU Briefing Note on .africa. DCA Response to AU Infrastructure





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