DCA Exclusive Commentary :”African Union” requests proposal for .africa registry”


Peeling the Onion: DCA Exclusive Commentary on ComputerWorld Kenya Re: “African Union” requests proposal for .africa registry”

The attention of DotConnect Africa (DCA) has been drawn to a recent article by Rebecca Wanjiku writing for ComputerWorld Kenya, and published in the online edition of the magazine on 25th May 2011.

Whilst the article aims to strike a certain balance regarding the positions of the contending parties on DotAfrica, DCA believes that the article should have amplified more, the genuine concerns that DCA has raised repeatedly concerning possible irregularities, conflict of interests, willful sabotage and unfair play and other large-scale illegalities that may have been committed.

Even as DCA strives to make its voice heard in opposition to these fraudulent activities that have pervaded the entire process; urgent help and attention is now required against the backdrop that these unethical practices are becoming ‘acceptably normative’, and those who aim to benefit from outright fraud and illegality are becoming more and more emboldened in this conspiracy to deny and defraud DCA of its legitimate AU endorsement.

No one seems to be investigating these claims which are now being swept under the carpet in order to force through an illegitimate agenda. One duty of ethical journalism is to help give voice to the voiceless, especially in a case of apparent victimization


1.    DCA takes particular umbrage at Vika Mpisane’s insistence thatAny claim of past endorsements is now clearly proven to be nothing but an unsubstantiated and unreliable claim; AfTLD will be responding to both the AU and ICANN processes.” As AfTLD President, it is Vika Mpisane’s often stated position that they, (AfTLD and its cohorts) will not acknowledge any existing AU pre-endorsements, and this was also echoed in Vika Mpisane’s PowerPoint presentation at the Ghana meeting in April 2011.  Even though DCA has provided evidentiary proof of the endorsement received from the AU in 2009, DCA Endorsement.

2.    Vika Mpisane’s statement which patently denies an existing truth is preposterous and calls his personal integrity into question. Such uncontrolled boastfulness and unabashed brow-beating is aimed at intimidating DCA, but even as DCA find such conduct insufferable, we remain committed to fighting for truth and justice by continuing to voice our legitimate grievances through peaceful means.

The AfTLD President knows that the only way AfTLD will be given a questionable AU endorsement to bid for DotAfrica is for him to also join the chorus of those that continue to deny DCA’s earlier AU endorsement.  After all, where was AfTLD and its 10 year old non-performing non-profit, when the DCA approached the AU to propose DotAfrica? The AfTLD, only developed its keen interest in DotAfrica about 8 to 9 weeks ago after being promised an illegal award of the AU endorsement. Therefore, on what basis is Vika Mpisane sounding so confident and arrogant on this matter? An open association with an illegal cabal is enough reason for one to challenge Vika Mpisane to explain his affiliation to these people, who in all likelihood, already promised (him) the AU endorsement to AfTLD, an obvious late entrant in the DotAfrica process.

3.    Evidently, a fellow who is hoping to be the prime beneficiary of an illegality does not care for justice and fairness, nor give credence to the truth. He is now simply paying lip service to transparency and openness.  He is guilty of co-habiting with an illegal cabal that is absolutely determined on sabotaging DCA in order to hijack DotAfrica through illegality, and as such, as a man bereft of values, he has no longer any personal credibility on this matter, and should now resign immediately as AfTLD president.

Not only DCA’s Yes2DotAfrica Campaign says”NO” to AFTLD to manage .africa, the”” that DCA gave birth to and  registered high rate of success based on our endorsements will certainly not “follow” such blindly deceptive leadership of VIKA;  instead they will “rise up” against it, to get to their promised land.


Indeed Vika will be trespassing, with a gifted endorsement and a business plan without having to work for any of it!

No wonder he is confident!

Vika Mpisane has friends and confederates on the AU Task Force, and he is now relying on the overt assistance of these people to achieve an ignoble and brazen objective. It is already known that AU Task Force members were at the AfTLD Ghana meeting where the hatched plot was finalized: AfTLD Press Release-Ghana.   Moreover, AU Task Force members like Nii Quaynor are advisors to AfTLD, and have employed Ghanaian help to facilitate the meeting after which the AfTLD press release came out of Another AfTLD member from Tanzania is also a member of the so-called AU Task Force on Dot Africa. -“Corruption” claims as .africa fight heats up.

4.   The UNSIGNED Communiqué to clarify the position of the AU and commence the EOI, AU Clarification on dotafrica that pronounced DCA did not have an endorsement by the AU was surprisingly authored by Pierre Dandjinou, nominal head of the AU Task Force and whose sole objective is to deny DCA its honest endorsement and pave the way for this to be given illegally to AfTLD through a spurious EOI and bidding process. This cabal should be roundly denounced for their shameful activities. Vika Mpisane only “welcomes the AU process” because he hopes that the cabal will assist AfTLD to unfairly gain the AU endorsement. DCA is therefore of the firm belief that until this discredited Task Force is disbanded and its members censured, there will be no openness or transparency on this issue; hence it would not give any credence to the EOI process by participating in it.

5.    Finally, DCA would like to again reinforce its claims to an existing endorsement that was validly given to it by the African Union Commission in 2009. Lack of proper executive oversight of this matter within the AU has given this discredited cabal free rein to run amok and manipulate documents and processes thus fomenting and fostering illegality and corruption.


For example, the bogus Second letter” that did not carry official AU stamp and used to withdraw DCA’s legitimate endorsement by the AU, thus rendering it invalid at the time it was released, was sent by Moctar Yedaly, [Second Letter Communiqué to DCA] a staff of AU, named in the ComputerWorld article, as one who is soliciting the current EOI, the same person who also admittedly stated in the “AU Briefing note on .Africa” document which his department recently published “when DCA came to us, we wrote DCA a letter stating we do not support anyone”. Therefore, the infamous second letter did not come from the Executive Offices of the Commission, where it was initially issued and dully received by DCA. DCA has already expressed its sentiments to ICANN of this matter at a convenient time. Letter to ICANN.

Another example already mentioned is the UNSIGNED Communiqué to clarify the position of the AU  for the EOI posted on AU website, was authored by Pierre Dandjinou, who nominally heads the tainted Task Force.

6.    Therefore, it s shameful and quite worrying that somebody who does not work in any official capacity for the Commission could author a letter without the approval of the Executive Leadership of the Commission and post same in the Commissions’ web site, simply to foist an illegal EOI process on everyone. Pierre Dandjinou’s has launched a personal vendetta against DCA to punish the organization for his failure to gain an ICANN Board seat last December 2010. Vote “No” on Candidate Pierre Dandjinou for ICANN Board.

DCA remains encouraged that in the final analysis, all these rearguard actions by the cabal shall fail woefully, and truth and justice will ultimately prevail.

“I am willing to keep peeling that onion and

crying the tears that TRUTH requires.

It’s worth every salty step” Windchime Walker

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